Sunday, March 11, 2012

of distractions....

i've decided that for the next little while, i need to try and live as free of distractions as possible.

what falls under the category of distractions? almost anything can. but specifically i'm thinking along the lines of too much internet browsing, guys, reading things i've already read a million times, material things like clothing, etc.
even my new fitness plan that i am beginning to implement this week could become a distraction if i put too much focus on it. the key here is of course, moderation. the muscle to be exercised is discipline.

what this all comes down to is my desire to really focus on the things that matter most, which i happened to blog about not too long ago ;) those things will be better attended to and accomplished if i have as few distractions as possible. like guys for instance....i would LOVE to go on dates here and there. i'd love to hang out with guyfriends. that's about it, for now.

i'm excited to begin my new fitness plan. i think now is the perfect time to tone up, get strong and be as healthy as possible. not only do i WANT to do this, i am super excited for it. it's going to be one of my top priorities- along with my family, my job, and my relationship with the Lord.

it's not like when i was sick, i just sat around and did nothing (though i sure felt that way sometimes!) i made a lot of personal progress. a LOT. but i am ready to grow and make even MORE personal progress. i am really excited to serve others as best i can and really get my life on the track it's supposed to be on. i am stoked to learn what my talents are (aside from the few i'm already aware of) and to develop them. my mindset is shifting from one of daily survival (like it was when i was sick) to one of the bigger picture and the long-term.

so here's to the start of a week with no distractions!! happy birthday to me :D

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