Thursday, March 15, 2012

go forth, shorty! tis your birthday.

wow....sitting here after quite a lovely birthday...and the best part is, today was just the beginning!
see, in our household, we like to do a birthweek. or at least, a birthweekend. yes, i know it's epic. ;)

tomorrow i am going to dinner with my family in salt lake, and then getting myself a few brightly-colored outfits :D never thought i'd say this, but after wearing so much black this winter i am more than ready to add some color to my springtime wardrobe!

i'm glad my birthday is in the spring, because it's seriously my favorite season. i love summer, but there is something about the awakening and renewal of spring that is just so wonderful. i get like, overly-excited about it pretty much every year.

so, yeah! i get to spend time with one of my best friends in the world this weekend, too. we're going to have an adventure! (we're going on an adventure, char-leeee. bonus points if you get it!)

my life is pretty amazingly blessed and perfect. the only thing it's missing is a few good men. ;)

having a happy birthday,

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