Sunday, March 4, 2012

if life were a woman, she would be my wife!

just had the most incredible blessing! i am going to live a normal life- and what's more, it's already begun! since just ONE treatment, i have progressed leaps and bounds. my next one is this friday. i can only imagine the kind of improvement i'm going to see!

this year...especially the summer, is going to be the time i make up for spending the last year sick! i'm going to go camping, take road trips, hike, enroll in a class or two....i'm going to do everything i've been wanting to do the last few years that i never got around to. i want to take up rock climbing, maybe a jiu jitsu class...

i am mad stoked. i can't wait for tomorrow. i know i'm going to love my new job. i will finally be able to make some money and get back on my feet financially.

happy early birthday to me! hehe

life is just such a ride!

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