Friday, April 2, 2010


"i don't know," he said. "i don't know what we are."
it thrilled her.
oh, how it thrilled her.
he knew good and well "what" they were,
but he never wanted to admit it.
and for some reason, it made her adore him all the more.
well, maybe adore was the wrong word.

that her pulse quickened when she saw him...
the moths, as she decided they were, in her stomach...
went absolutely mad with his touch
his kiss destroyed her
the sound of his voice sent tumbles of chills down her back

but she hated when he was affectionate
she didn't want him to hold her hand
he would disappear for weeks
he never called her
even by her name

and she loved it

she adored it

she hated him

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Lyss said...

*snaps like a beatnik* Yeah man! I know exactly what you mean though. Ugh