Tuesday, April 27, 2010

old friends, new outlooks

"we both always said we thought love was a rare commodity and hardly anyone ever found it."

i love digging through old emails from friends almost as much as i love stuffing my face with a symphony bar, which i shouldn't be doing but i don't care....

my friend george and i have a huge history, going back to when i was sixteen. the first night we met i remember he gave his best attempt to alienate me. for whatever reason, it didn't work and we were amazingly close from that point on. when i think of my teen years i'll always inevitably think of george. we were like yin and yang, except we were both yin. we ran hot and cold and never apologized for anything we said or did, even

to each other. our friendship was deep on a level that was almost odd...people thought we were in love 99% of the time...and maybe we were, in a completely not-in-love way.

so cheesy, it's true, but our friendship was full of contradictions that made perfect sense. we were gatsby and nick. or maybe gatsby and daisy. each other's green lights.

now that i've been cryptic enough i'll just say i've enjoyed paying this enormous tribute to an old friend who recently, has become a new friend once again. where we both once held firm to certain viewpoints and personality traits we're now both grateful that we've grown up, and in doing so hope that our friendship will prevail through this new period of our lives. getting back home to utah is all the more exciting knowing that george will be there, waiting for me.

if i'm guren you're....well....not the deformed guy who protected her, that's for sure....no...you're totally kabuto :D

toxicology ftw :P

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