Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oops, i forgot.

the captain and i have been saying that a lot since arriving here.
oops, we forgot.
forgot to bring at least one pot or pan. forgot candles or air fresheners (something i'm nuts about, especially with the wee little doggie around)forgot to bring my phone charger...that one's a classic

my favorite part was i forgot to pack a lot of my comfort clothes. by comfort clothes i mean the kind you throw on when you don't care what you look like....
at first, i was a bit dismayed because i'm used to wearing them....but then i figured well...i'm far too used to putting on the kind of clothes that you wear when you don't care what you look like.
i do care what i look like, so i need to start acting like it. and not only that, but there's irony in forgetting to bring comfort, "in-your-element" clothing. i'm not remotely in my element in this place, nor am i yet one hundred percent i recall coming here was to help us gtfo of this rut we've nicely fallen i guess forgetting the ratty sweats was probably a blessing in disguise...
i'm getting more used to being here. it will seem more permanent and real when sara and cody get here, and when the captain and i actually start seeing some money from this endeavor. not to fear however, since he went out to do his first install today. i'm not worried about it. i'm patient.

it's been pretty cool and windy since moving feels like early spring at best, and i hope that the summer gets hot enough here for it to actually feel like summer....
i have a feeling though, that i won't feel that it was actually summer anyway... because i won't be spending it here:

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