Saturday, April 3, 2010


I couldn't write much today, I've been in a slump as of late but I figured even a survey is better than nothing. For some reason I'm using caps and I don't know why, I never do when I blog. Not because I'm retarded but because it interrupts my thought flow to use caps for some reason...yet punctuation doesn't. Odd. I don't ask how my brain works and neither should you.
I want it to be warm.
I really want to stop eating this chocolate.
I'm going to be stuck working out hours a day next week.
Ah well...bring it on.

PS...following suit with my dear friend and referring to my husband as "the captain" why? because i'm not original enough for anything else and i love the sound of music. kay. without furthor ado...


I need suggestions. It's hard for me to take 90% of the crap on the shelves these days seriously. Blame me being a writer for it, I don't know. Looks like I'm reading the Great Gatsby for the millionth time. (Goes and finds copy)

Naruto Soundtrack/Forgive Me by Leona Lewis. I feel lame about that last one but hey, it's catchy.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Black shirts.

Blushing Cherry Blossom, Bath and Body Works. I'm all uppity about scents correlating with seasons. Don't hate.

But-tons. I'm intent on looking like an anime character. Pfft. I wish.
I can has sushi? PLZ?!

Diet Pepsi

Guilty pleasure


Bane of my existence

Warm weather. The captain. My newfound friend/lovalova


Anticipation, huh? You don't want to know. Sex, probably. WHAT?!

Wish list

Lose this last very insistent ten pounds and GTFO of here for the summer already. Oh, and please let me write something decent again soon. Please. Not even being able to muster thoughts decent enough for this blog is really bad news.

I wish I was an anime character.

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Lyss said...


Guilty pleasure

Bane of my existence

I know your pain!

Is it sad that I'm beyond anticipation for sex and I just couldn't care less?

And Leona Lewis is fine (80% of my reasoning being that she's British.)

I love you!