Friday, April 30, 2010

inner beauty's shot to let's get rid of outer beauty too!

so, i came across this quote from jamie lee curtis this morning that really got me thinking. the quote is pretty epically-timed, especially in light of this whole "heidi montag surgery fiasco" (admittedly i haven't watched the hills since the first season and heidi annoys the living hell out of me, but i digress). here's jamie lee's quote below:

“Our dissatisfaction with what we look like has reached epidemic proportions. Just look around you: People don’t look right. Lips, eyes, hair, weaves, implants. It is a freak show being fed by the business it generates, a modern-day Surgical Industrial Complex.”

whew. yeah. you burn 'em, jamie lee.
i mean...the quote is pretty harsh but it's her opinion, and in more or less words i have to say i agree. since hearing about it here and there (i don't live in a cave after all lol) i have started to sort of follow the heidi montag fiasco and i have to say....something just isn't right in the world when a girl can walk around looking like that and ANYONE thinks it looks okay.

now i'm all for varied beauty and varied ideas of beauty but let's get real here...the problem with heidi's look is it's the opposite of "Varied". it's the ultimate stereotype. she's more plastic than a barbie and has a lot less of a brain from what i've the same time, i have to say it's really sad what she's done to herself. i personally don't think she was pretty before, but a lot of people what made her completely transform herself into a lump of plastic? she's lucky she doesn't live in arizona, she'd melt in the summertime...

anyway...back to jamie lee's quote....she's absolutely right. it sounds harsh, but it's a harsh reality we're facing after all.
i understand that people have different aesthetics when it comes to beauty, and i appreciate that. but to be honest, heidi represents, along with so many other "dime a dozen" hollywood 'beauties' that we're losing something very special....individuality.
it's not even surgery that i'm against. i probably won't ever get surgery because i'm terrified of it and frankly, i'm a total wimp and i heard that it hurts like hell...but some people want it for various reasons and that's fine....i say as long as it's not an attempt to "fix" a deep underlying psychological issue or dissatisfaction with something deeper...go right ahead.
no, it's something else that's sad about this situation. it's the fact that people ARE becoming more and more obsessed with looking 'one certain way' that they think is okay or beautiful because that's what society is telling them.
i hate to think that one day the beauty in slightly big or crooked noses, imperfect proportions and thin lips/ age-worn bodies will be completely nonexistent. it's already being shunned now as it is, and i think it's a real shame. part of beauty is character. how much character does a person like heidi montag have (strictly referring to looks character here) when she has the appearance of a blowup doll?
i just hope that our appreciation for "natural" beauty and quirks and the things that make us all unique doesn't completely disappear within the next twenty years. i'd loathe to see the day when there are thousands of heidi montags (attempting) walking around because looking like THAT is the only way to be "beautiful."

i just want people to determine for themselves what's beautiful instead of buying into what they're TOLD is beautiful.

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