Friday, October 29, 2010


i miss having them.
you know...drives out to the middle of nowhere. bonfires. hikes. denny's past midnight. music venues. prank calls. (yes, very immature but an absolute blast)

i'm not as adventurous as i used to be, because i base my ability to have said adventures on dumb things like how crappy my stomach feels (hardy har) or "if i can eat at a place like denny's tonight" or if i can afford the gas money....


(and i used caps, so you know how stupid it is)

and let's not forget my biggest and lamest excuse ever....the weather.

yes, the weather. i have become that person who borderline lets the weather dictateeverythingido

double epic lame.

(and sidenote...there are ladybugs in my house. i've found three today, which i set free rather than kill because i don't hate bugs quite as much anymore....but i swear there's one on my right this very instant and i'm not that thrilled about it thinking i'm like, public transportation or something)

a i came to the conclusion that i'm going to start having adventures again. derek and i had one last week....we went to the zoo. it was pretty awesome...
but i want more adventures.
and come rain or shine...i'm going to freaking have them.

next time it snows, i'm going sledding. and next week i'm driving up to the salt flats....seriously....because i've been wanting to

and i'm totally hitting a "kava bar" with my brother this week so i can calmtheeffdown. don't worry, it's nothing too crazy. i'm just buying kava there. probably going to see a lot of hippie wannabe's with dreads and unshaven's certainly a joy.....

i'm weird tonight...don't worry about me....i'm just kind of stoked on the idea that i'm going to keep being a kid all the way until i have kids. which is going to be a long time. there's a reason i'm not having kids yet....i want to still be able to have fun adventures on a whim....i'm becoming more more planning everylittlething for me.

thuh end.


ps...kavakava tastes like dirt mixed with pepper and death. i drank some with my brother last weekend....but it's awesome for relaxation....

still tastes like dirt mixed with pepper and death, though.

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hannabaorange said...

haha adventures of yours sound fun. if we were in the same hemisphere we would totally do that, weekly. even twice in a week. I love random things. I'm thinking a picnic at the local botanical gardens here is in order for me - it is spring after all! :)