Thursday, October 28, 2010

funny little irony

i'm good at writing torture scenes.

it's ironic, because i hate watching or reading torture scenes. but i'm good at writing them (or so i'm told, at group :D)

writing has been so great lately. i am so excited to finish my wip and get it published in 2012. that's the goal date! it's crazy and overwhelming, and a little scary. but really cool too.

there's so much to a story, and to characters. their living and breathing depends on me and it's a bit intimidating to think that if i don't write them, no one will.

anyway, now i'm just rambling. don't ask me why. today i'm itching to go somewhere. as much as i've been looking forward to the season change, part of me is nervous about it because of driving in the may be time to look into trading in our car for something four wheel drive. we'll see.

off to watch some d. gray man, and play some wow. and maybe write, if my characters feel generous :D


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hannabaorange said...

Oh scary, I've never driven in the snow!! Good idea about 4wd :)