Thursday, October 14, 2010



i had one of those weeks. yaknow....those ones.
in case you're lost, (which you probably are. after all, i am insane :P) i will fill you in on what one of those weeks is:

i didn't do much of anything this week. it's the week i take a break from my probiotic, and i was in an absurd amount of pain for most of i didn't go in to work much, which always makes me feel fail.

i got some GREAT ideas at writer's group from the help of my dear crit partners, and i'm really excited about my wip! but.....i haven't written since group....because now i'm sitting here, letting it all cooook. boring. still, that's only half "not doing anything" because i've been thinking about it all week and am INSANELY stoked.

umm....i haven't even bothered trying to be healthy the last couple of days. the good news is, binging seems to truly be behind me now because even these days i don't do so well, i don't eat anywhere near the amount i used to....all the same, i feel horribly unhealthy when i don't drink enough water and i eat redvines instead of meals....yeah....

i didn't do any studying this week either. or pick up my violin. lame.

but the goood news is i am looking for a new computer and will be getting one within the next few days! and also....i want to try and kick my butt into lifting weights....we'll see if i can get myself to do it...i get awfully lazy and just end up walking 90% of the time ;)

so that was my week. mostly, a standstill. it was neither bad nor good...sort of just...there.
next week won't just be there....oh'll come blazing in wearing bright red, complete with a top hat and cane to order me about with....

yeah...that made no sense. probably because my bed is currently calling my name....pretty loudly....

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