Monday, October 25, 2010

the trouble with cold....

i worked out at the rec center today, because it was too cold and windy to work out outside like i normally do.

one word: lame.

a few more words: i have no idea how i got myself to work out there practically every day last winter. seriously. it's not a bad place, it has really great equipment and blah blah blah....

but i get bored on machines. i have tv's to look at instead of beautiful mountain scenery, and there are a bunch of other people sweating and heaving around me.

somehow it lacks the, not to be cheesy...serenity that walking outside does.
grr. i'm going to miss being outside when it gets too cold. then again, i wasn't outside much when it was hot because it was too hot.
there's a reason i love fall and spring so much :D

still...beyond not being able to work out outside anymore...there are a lot of great things about winter....things i am getting geared up for as the days go by! i'm going to buy some hot chocolate and martinelli's at the store for the weekend! favorites of mine for colder weather and the holiday season.
yeah...i'm too stoked...

counting down the days until i can listen to christmas music,

yours truly

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