Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new weight loss goal

i know, i know....i was supposed to be done.
i thought so, too.
but then i decided (after seeing a few unflattering pictures) that i'm tired of unflattering pictures.
i'm ten pounds away from being at a weight where unflattering pictures don't exist for me. how do i know? because i've been at that weight before, a lot. i liked myself best at that weight, i looked good in everything i wore and every picture that was taken of me....

i decided last night that i've worked too hard to settle where i am now. i look good, but in ten more pounds i'll look awesome. so i've got a new weight loss goal, and i'll be working till about christmas to get there.

and then, the week of christmas, i can eat whatever i want and enjoy the holiday without worrying about a couple of pounds.

the good news is, i definitely have learned how to maintain. i've been maintaining a few months now and it's been great. so when i'm done, i'll be done. but...i'm just not done yet.

so here's to ten more pounds. hold me to it, and wish me luck!


hannabaorange said...

Good luck hon, but you're gorgeous no matter what weight you are! xx

jennsdaisypatch said...

Hanna is RIGHT. But you know I support you!! We will look HOT on halloween!! and after! and after!! love you!