Friday, October 22, 2010

still some of the best conversations i've ever had...

yay for lolcat inspired im conversations

love_hope_peace04: OMG
rachel_mardesich: OMG
rachel_mardesich: HOLY FREAKING CRAP
rachel_mardesich: HFC
rachel_mardesich: haha
rachel_mardesich: jk but seriously. I could die thinking about it
rachel_mardesich: so if I don't answer on yahoo, it's because I died thinking about it
love_hope_peace04: I did die

rachel_mardesich: oh my.....stomach
rachel_mardesich: the butterflies.....relentless......must..stop......
love_hope_peace04: they wont
love_hope_peace04: not until we're dead
rachel_mardesich: ah crap
rachel_mardesich: thought so

rachel_mardesich: depending on how much they cost, maybe I could get you some for christmas
rachel_mardesich: and put them in. EXTENSIONS: merry christmas from rachel
rachel_mardesich: k thanks bye
rachel_mardesich: haha
love_hope_peace04: lol
love_hope_peace04: I got u hare 4 xmas!

love_hope_peace04: Sweet!
rachel_mardesich: so be prepared
rachel_mardesich: (scar style)
love_hope_peace04: lol!!!

love_hope_peace04: oh hai, sry i havnt shaved in months
rachel_mardesich: I wil b harry k
rachel_mardesich: hahaha!
love_hope_peace04: hope u dont mind
rachel_mardesich: oh hai lets watch muvies and cuddle icksept i havnt shaved in a long time k
love_hope_peace04: lol@
rachel_mardesich: dont mind my leg hair rubbing against urs k
love_hope_peace04: !!
rachel_mardesich: i like u lots
rachel_mardesich: so jst dont worry
love_hope_peace04: im natral k?
rachel_mardesich: hha this is how god made me k dont hait

rachel_mardesich: "luek u wont beleeve this but im ur father lolz"
rachel_mardesich: "sry i didnt send child support but things got ruff around hear with the building of the death star and all im shur u understand"
rachel_mardesich: no, this isnt a new helmit y do u ask?
rachel_mardesich: srsly. how culd u think i wood get a new helmit b4 sending u muny?
love_hope_peace04: AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
love_hope_peace04: I can't stop laughing

hahaha....good times :)

in other news, i saw the social network for the third time tonight. i love that movie. it's my new fight club. not that anything could replace fight club...but since i can't really watch it, it's sort of replaced in a sense.

david fincher...marry me. my husband won't mind. kthxbye.

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