Sunday, October 17, 2010

rainy sundays

i love the rain.
and i love sundays.
so it would make sense that i love rainy sundays.

fall is upon us, and i'm wanting it to get just a little bit cooler so that i can start rocking coats and boots and the glamorous hobo look i usually have in the winter.

this last week was, as i mentioned in my other blog, a standstill week. not much of anything happened. i didn't like it. so although because of some timing messups on my part, i'll likely be in pain again all of this upcoming week, i'm not letting it be like last week.

i'll be going in to work and thanks to itunes u doing some "studying". i'm pretty stoked.
i'm also going to be writing a ton. woooo! this week is going to be awesome. why? because i already decided it will be. the end.

i'm off to go raise my tailoring on wow. nerdy, i know. and i'll probably watch peter pan.
this peter pan:
happy sunday!

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