Thursday, October 7, 2010

what i'm grateful for

stumbled across the blog of a girl who was mourning the loss of her mother tonight and it really hit me hard. i decided although i'm in the middle of dying my hair right now and (should!) get to bed early, it's never a bad time to write a "thankful" blog.

first: i'm so grateful for derek and my family. i don't know where i'd be without them. my mom and my sister jenn are two of my best friends in the whole world. i love that they're such strong, wonderful women i can look up to! my dad is one of my heroes for sure and i'm so grateful for him and all that he does, and for my parent's generosity toward us kids.

also can't leave out my in-laws, who i have grown to love more and more as time goes on. they're wonderful people, and absolutely hilarious! i'm so glad we're family.

derek is absolutely the light of my life and i'm thankful every day for our friendship and how much he loves me. even the days i'm not that lovable, he's always there :)

i'm so grateful for everybody else in my family too, especially my gram and my other siblings...if i did shout-outs for everybody we'd be here all night :P so in the interest of keeping it short and sweet, let's just say i love them truly :D

i'm so grateful for this great place i get to live in. i love my home, i love the mountains. every day i go out and look at them, especially with the stormy clouds nestled on the mountaintops the last few days...and i just LOVE that i get to live here and see the beautiful scenery every day. i love having four distinct seasons. what can i say? i love it all.

i love my new job. i love having a job, i love what i do. i'm so, so grateful for the opportunity. i feel like it was tailored for me.

i'm so grateful last, but not least, for the gospel and for the light it brings to my life each day. my life has gotten so much better from faith and prayer, and i'm so, so grateful for it. i'm so thankful to know that families are eternal, and that we can always be together when this life is through. what a wonderful thing, truly.

how many times can i say i'm grateful, and for how many things? not enough. ever. but this blog is a small piece of how i'm feeling right now, and i'm happy to share it.


hannabaorange said...

Is this what thanksgiving is like in America? :) This was lovely to read. xx

jennsdaisypatch said...

I LOVE you my sis. Funny I would read this blog post tonight... I was just reading my friends blog who lost her sister...and goodness I just started to cry. We do have SO Much to be grateful for. I can't imagine losing you or anyone else I love. But I know this gospel is true...and I know that through it we WILL all be to together again. I love you sis!!