Monday, October 18, 2010

holiday junkie

so, this year being the first year derek and i are living in a place we can really call our own....
i decided to go a little nuts on decorating.
yeah....i'm big on holidays. especially the fall/winter ones. ask anybody, i start listening to christmas music in early november most of the time...and i love love LOVE holiday-themed foods, clothes and decorations.
so this year, living in our lovely place, i decided to decorate like crazy for halloween.
and then....the minute halloween is over, i'm busting out the "autumn/thanksgiving" stuff for a good...few weeks before i go nuts with christmas stuff.
i know, i know...don't judge. i'm nuts. it's just how i am.

here are some pictures of some of my decorating (much of it courtesy of my mom and her hugely extensive collection of decorations)(
(who doesn't love spiders?)
(derek's cute figurines :P)

(epic deathwing is epic)

so first off, no i don't take the best pictures's cool though.
and secondly...don't you just love derek's figurines? i do. i refrain from calling them "cute" though, because they're not really cute...i just think it's cute that he has them...calling them cute would detract from the manliness of said figurines....

and're probably wondering wtf the dragon has to do with decorating...well, he has nothing to do with it.
that, my friends, is deathwing. and the wow expansion comes out on december seventh...which is definitely now its OWN holiday...i want to throw a party for my fellow nerds, all of derek and my friends...
i think i seriously will...because this is cause for celebration...
and even cooler? a friend from work plays wow, too and she's going to blizzcon! she may have an extra in-game pet she's going to let me have....a mini deathwing. yeah. talk about way too awesome. now i'm just rambling...
anyway...that's my holiday decorating, and my other holiday...the release of the expansion...hooray! three cheers for fall/winter, yo. it's going to be epic!

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hannabaorange said...

Oh I love your decorating. It seriously makes me wish we celebrated it here more. My parents don't like Halloween and so turn trick-or-treaters away when they visit our house :/